” Charnel ” is a straightforward, yet bizarre narration of a thousands-year-old lake- a lake as aged as human identity. This photo collection, which was designed and produced with photo-montage and photo-stage in 1394 (2015), attempts to expose Urmia Lake issue ( Urmia Lake cruel fate) from various aspects in a genuine but fictitious quest. Although the central theme of this collection is praying for rain tradition seen in most parts of Iran and even some other countries, the hazards which will be induced by the death of this lake, such as respiratory diseases and extinction of the local fauna, are mentioned along with the main theme to develop the narration. However, the entrance of a winged angle who stoutly struggles to salvage the lake and the characters is the ultimate bond of these views. Despite this, severity of the catastrophe is so profound that it leaves the angle with no choice but to accompany with the others in this charnel!