Distant Heaven

This collection seeks to establish a close relationship with tradition Chinese painting, a tradition in which two elements, that is to say nature and human being, are constantly drawn together. According to the traditional perspectives in Ancient China, nature has been always a sacred, life giving place where it can bring freedom, bliss, mental and physical health to human being. On the basis of this point of view, human being was happy at the beginning, however the surrounding incidents made him downhearted. As a consequence the only haven of happiness for him is nature. In these pictures nature is portrayed as an evolutionary and progressive place with which the humans must be compatible in order to achieve peace and freedom. In this photo collection, humans and other creatures by the reason of internal and external factors mostly have internal conflicts, suppressed desires, and unachieved wishes. In spite of this issue, they struggle to travel in the nature and explore lofty mountains in pursuit of their Eden, where there is no tension, no fear, no fatigue, or no suppression.