frozen situation

There is the smoke at the far distance, As if the orange hue suggests the wall of a house is on fire, As if a white balloon (filled with smoke instead of fresh air) has burst apart all of a sudden. As if the dead one`s cloth is set on fire for bad odor , As if the smoke rises from an apple orchard, an orchard in fire , with all rotten to the core fruits. As if the smoke rises from a shop full of colorful dolls, as if .. The “Frozen Situation” is the personal narration of this “as its” , the sort of “as its” living for years in the back maze of my mind as nightmares, and perhaps there was no way to get rid of them but to show them in photos. This collection is a free representation of the situation in which individuals observe the incidents around them, far and near, like idle obervers or like passive witnesses. And the intensity of apprehension has driven them into metamorphosis so that there is no way for them but to observe and sometimes to follow. The incidents happen here and there, around us, and we are unaware of the fact that how much we contribute to the creation of the situation, the Frozen Situation in which all the existence has been metamorphosed in a moment, in a single situation, the Frozen Situation.