The lost ones

We are lead force that haven’t conscious control over it. Recognition others makes our identity, absolutely we can’t know our personality than we became to the lonely and unidentified persons little by little. The unidentified. The unidentified is out come of modern life. So there will be much confusion also, , will be import to the ad alteration and isolation. The person will be depressed more and more therefore have to refuge to consumer world and objects that made in this time. _ was real desire of modern man? He/she was brimful of hope and longing to know about mean of world, because it was born. _ How was involved in this unidentified? ! He/she fallen in disconsolateness to the extent no way to escape. Was it our dreams? ! This collection try to asked a question like: _ Is not time we reconsider our opinion. We don’t let the alteration to be dominant our Identity.